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Artelisys provides real time live video monitoring to customers around the world; we are based out of Hawaii and provide kama’iana rates to local businesses and residents. We provide 12 or 24 hour, 365 a day proactive live monitored video solutions by using trained security dispatch personnel that monitors installed security video surveillance equipment on your property in real time; no more expensive security guards, no more guards sleeping on shift, no more site security profiling. When a security breach within or on the perimeter of your property occurs, our security dispatch personnel has the ability to dispatch local law enforcement and/or immediately discourage any perpetrators through two way audio solutions using existing PA systems or customized audio solutions.

Today, the number of thefts are increasing and becoming more sophisticated, vandalism costs businesses and local governments millions of dollars a year, and intrusions have increased dramatically and thieves are becoming more organized. Traditional guard services can be very expensive for a business; ranging anywhere from $60,000 to $120,000 a year. Typical security alarm systems are reactive and usually do not prevent the crime from happening. Security Guards are also a reactive solution, but a guard, depending on the site location is not able to be at two places at once; depending on the circumstance, this may not prevent a crime from happening as well.  Artelisys can provide a proactive and cost effective security solution through real-time live video monitoring; it is the next wave of the future in protecting your property, assets, employees, and customers.



Real-Time Video Surveillance Monitoring

Artelisys can monitor live video surveillance on rooftops, alleys, perimeters, storefronts, parking lots, and other prime locations where a watchful eye is required. We can digitally watch your cameras when you leave for the day for 12 hours or even 24/7. Property crimes such as graffiti, illegal dumping, metal theft and vandalism are costing millions of dollars and valuable resources to repair the criminal damages;STOP and deter the these crimes with an Artelisys proactive live video monitoring solution.

We Can Monitor

  • Construction Sites
  • Agriculture  Land and Farms
  • Comfort Stations (Park Bathrooms)
  • Storage Yards
  • Car Dealerships
  • Parking Lots
  • Isolated and Remote Commercial Property
  • High Valued Asset Protection
  • Illegal dump sites
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, and Cultivating Warehouses and Farms.
  • Remote Solar/Energy Farms
  • Schools/Educational Facilities
  • Refuse/Garbage/Trash bins and/or Lots

Security Guard Savings

Many businesses rely on security guard services to protect their property, assets, employees and customers by observing for anything suspicious. Unfortunately, no one person can be at two locations at once and provide guard services for an entire property.  Artelisys’ live monitoring can be used to both replace and augment traditional security guard services.  Our live video monitoring solutions are more effective and less of a liability at a fraction of the cost. Artelisys’ virtual surveillance eliminates the need for salaries, medical insurance, uniforms, training, continued education, golf carts, and many other expenses associated with a traditional guard. Unlike other reactive guard replacements, Artelisys’ proactive video monitoring can monitor property intruders outside before an inside alarm alarm can be triggered.


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