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HD Video Surveillance

The Artelisys Way!

Our IP and Analog CCTV High Definition (HD) Video Surveillance systems are affordable and Professionally installed; that is our promise to you! Our CCTV Video surveillance solutions are designed and installed with security and peace of mind. At Artelisys, we strive to make sure that you and your family and/or businesses are secured, all the way.

Our team of experienced, certified professional technologists, and field technicians, will put your fears and inconveniences to rest. Our competitive rates and experience means you can choose the protection you deserve anytime and anywhere. Artelisys is a LICENSED and LOCALLY owned state of Hawaii contractor.

Video Surveillance Kits - 4 channel - 8 channel - 16 channel

Peace of Mind Away from Home or the Office

Artelisys can setup your home or business with the latest high definition video surveillance systems to ensure 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year and 360 degree surveillance.

A Security CCTV Video surveillance camera system can be the eyes watching over your home and/or business when you are away. You can securely view your home entry points, watch your children and pets when you are not home. You can also record video of foot traffic and protect sensitive and/or classified areas of your home and/or business via the Internet, Smartphone or work computer. Furthermore, You can even improve business productivity and reduce fraudulent liability claims with your CCTV Video camera surveillance system.

Professional CCTV Video Surveillance Solutions Available

We offer an extensive line of security video surveillance products that are of high quality for just about any video security solution that you may have. We have aesthetically pleasing pleasing mini domes, vandal proof domes, bullet type cameras, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), IP, wireless (WIFI) cameras that have the ability to see in complete darkness, record in high resolution (HD [1080p]) and frame rates. Our HD digital video recorders archive what’s happening  24/7/365 and allow you to view live streaming video via the Internet from anywhere in the world via your smart phone or computer.

Internet Connected CCTV Video Surveillance Gadgets

  • Dome cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • Security DVR systems
  • Multiple viewpoint monitors

Indoor & Outdoor Video Surveillance Cameras

If you are shopping for a security video surveillance camera to monitor your home or business, to view a small space or a large area, Artelisys has the right solution for you. A variety of camera options means you can choose the camera that suits your needs. Features of Artelisys surveillance cameras include:

  • Live streaming video resolutions from 176×144 to 1600×1200 (Standard and High Definition)
    • D1, CIF4, 1MP, 1.3, 2MP, 3MP, and 5MP (MP=Megapixels).
  • Recorded video resolution from 320×200 to 1600×1200.
    • D1, CIF4, 1MP, 1.3, 2MP, 3MP, and 5MP (MP=Megapixels).
  • Video Analytics (motion detection): adjustable sensitivity and threshold.
  • Ethernet LAN connection: 10/100 Mbps RJ-45
  • Wireless (WIFI).


Artelisys home security cameras help you keep up on all the activity happening in and around your home. Our video surveillance security cameras come with wireless and wired options for both indoor and outdoor cameras so that you can have security cameras protecting your home from every angle.

Home Video Surveillance Camera - Wireless


Get video surveillance with Artelisys CloudCam® Interactive Solutions

Get video surveillance with the CloudCam® service, and enjoy the benefits of our solution that combines home security and home automation.

Interactive Video Surveillance Smartphone

Wireless security cameras are perfect for increasing visibility into kids rooms, points of entry, basements, garages, outside a home or business and more

Home Video Camera - Hawaii

A home security camera from Artelisys comes with half the setup time, twice the interactive features and as much support as you’d like.

Artelisys CloudCam®

Starting at just

$99* installed

Wireless Camera

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*36-month alarm monitoring contract required.

*Smartphone not included.

Get Business Security + remote digital access

Business Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Made Easy

We have the right video surveillance security camera for any installation, any building, and any environment. Day/Night (IR) cameras, pan tilt zoom cameras (PTZ), vandal proof cameras, license plate recognition cameras, and much more. Our huge variety of video surveillance equipment are designed to completely and safely secure any family home, commercial building or open public space, as well as effectively deter and prevent crime in Hawaii. Whether you’re looking to secure your home or business, you’ve come to the right place.

Invest in Your Security!

Artelisys video surveillance solutions are a safeguard, a deterrent, and a way to collect invaluable evidence. They have been keeping thousands of families, businesses, government buildings, and schools safe for decades. If you need an advanced, cost-effective, multifunctional video surveillance system, we have the right security cameras for you. Invest in your video security with Artelisys.