How do you pronounce Artelisys?

/ar·telə·sis/ – Pronounced as (Ar – tel – uh – sys)

none: artelisys;  AR in architecting, TEL=intelligent I=Integrated, SYS=systems (Architecting Intelligent Integrated Systems)

1. Designing smart unified systems


What does the Artelisys logo represent?

The triangle symbolizes different things in many different cultures; from religion to math. The Artelisys logo contains an equilateral triangle pointed up which represents a strong stable technological foundation. Each shaded color of blue of the equilateral  triangle represents our core services: Security Alarm Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, Information Technology, and Communication Systems.

Color of the triangles:
Each Shade of Blue Scalene Triangle symbolizes Trust, Sophistication, Credibility and Integrity.

The reflection of the triangle represents our ability to learn by thinking; this give us our edge on architecting
intelligent and integrated systems.

Company Name Etymology

The name Artelisys was derived from our Slogan: (Ar)chitecting, In(tel)ligent, and (I)ntegrated (Sys)tems


Architecting Technology Solutions


Artelisys builds and designs tailored technology solutions with single source efficiency, regardless of the size or complexity of a project. As a leading technology systems integrator within the IT, communications, and security market; Artelisys has the knowledge and experience necessary to design, scale, and implement security, IT and communications solutions.

Artelisys provides turnkey solutions to effectively secure corporate business and residential property. We have solid experience in consulting and design, through technology deployment and integration.

Artelisys offers a wide variety of technology solutions in the IT, communications, and security industry. We can offer solutions in intrusion detection, access control, closed circuit television (CCTV), IP video Surveillance, IP video analytics, IT integrated communication networks and infrastructure to support them. We provide all types of networks for voice, data and video applications including, MPLS, IP/Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, last mile (Point to Point Wireless Ethernet).


Intelligent Converged Solutions


Our competitive edge continues to be where our customers’ IT, Communication and Security requirements intersect. As security systems, access control and video surveillance increasingly rely on IP communication networks to efficiently transmit information, Artelisys is uniquely qualified to understand the technology requirements.

We are able to provide our clients with intelligent solutions, along with solid project management skills and superior customer service; this allows us to ensure network compatibility, cost-effectiveness and reliability.


Integrated System Design and Engineering


System Design, Engineering and Integrating security, IT and communication solutions is an interdisciplinary process that ensures that the customer’s needs are satisfied throughout a system’s entire life cycle. This process is comprised of Integrated Design of IT, Communications, Security Alarm Systems and Video Surveillance Systems by qualified Technological Engineers (System Administrators, Network Engineers, and Security Technologists). Our engineers will properly design a system to ensure that all required electronic properties are properly calculated for hardware components, sensors are calibrated to effectively detect security intrusions, network media such as Cat5, fiber, and/or wireless links are properly installed and certified.


Systems Integration


We bring order to the complex combination of technical options that our customers face. Our knowledge of a wide range of technologies, products and systems, combined with strict attention to design details, provides cost-effective, reliable and scalable solutions. Artelisys has the ability to provide full turnkey services; we take a customer’s requirements and develop the concept. We also select the product that best fits the requirements to complete the installation.