Who is the best alarm company in Hawaii?

We believe we are the best alarm company in Hawaii!

In Hawaii, we are the most respected name in the technology industry.  Artelisys offers total Security Alarm Systems, CCTV Video Surveillance Solutions, Home automation, IT Outsourcing, and communication solutions for Hawaii residents and businesses:

  • Cost Effective
  • Professionally Installed
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • We Guarantee our service and installation

We are local

A sucker is born every day; don’t let yourself be one! There’s so much phony Internet marketing lingering around the web about security systems, that it’s easy to get suckered into paying too much money for alarm system monitoring. If you are paying over $40.00 dollars a month for alarm monitoring, YOU ARE PAYING TOO MUCH MONEY! Here at Artelisys, we tailor an alarm system that fits your budget and requirements. We are a locally owned and operated company in Hawaii. We do not have ANY dealer programs or dealer incentives. Our installers, technicians, and sales teams are employees of the company.

Our Vision

Since inception in 2013, Artelisys has remained committed in its commitment to provide the most technologically advanced and professionally installed security systems on the market to date. To deliver on this promise, we use our expertise and knowledge to provide state-of-the-art equipment, services, and affordability to all of our customers we serve.

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