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Traditional security alarm alarm systems (Burglar Alarms) manufactured over 10 years ago had a very basic design with almost no integrated smart technology. Old school security alarm systems contained a main control panel, keypad, motion and door sensors that relied on a standard telephone line to send alarm signals to your central alarm monitoring station. Today’s home security systems go beyond alarm control panels, motion/door sensors, keypads, and telephone lines.

Today’s Security Alarm Systems are Smart!

There has been significant technology advancements in the security alarm industry; security alarm systems are going beyond traditional home security to provide a new level of control, accessibility and connection (Smart Security). Homeowners of these “smart” security systems can utilize features that allow for remote arming and disarming of the burglar alarm system, at any time and from any location in the world, using their smartphone, tablet, and/or computer. What’s more, today’s newer alarm systems are wireless, integrate video surveillance and home automation systems which can be customized to fit busy families schedules and can meet unique needs.


Honeywell Home Alarm System - Lynx 5100

Security With Confidence!

Security alarm systems is not about one thing, it’s about life and safety, flooding, fire, automation, and protecting from theft. The Artelisys name is the one thing you need to know about security. Artelisys Security is the go-to company for all your security burglar alarm system integration needs. Our advantage is that we can accommodate every aspect of security and life safety solutions within a single system.

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Q: Who is the best alarm company in Hawaii?
A: Artelisys!

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Home Automation – The Smart Way!

Internet connectivity and interactivity are driving the way families live and manage their homes. The Internet and technology allows us to be in more places; while you are away on a business trip, children’s school plays and sports and social activities, these new smart security alarm systems provide cutting edge connectivity to your internet connected home/business, even when you’re far away. And when you and your family are home, the high level and sophistication of automation enables more convenience, security, control and safety from any part of your home. All in all, home automation adds up to fewer worries and increased enjoyment of life, which is something that most of us all welcome.

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