The Secrets of the Free Home Security Alarm Systems

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Having a security alarm system can feel like an important step for your home and/or business security; you do not need to break the bank to own one however. One thing you should take into consideration are the possible hidden costs of a home and/or business security alarm systems that are provided by mainland and some local alarm companies.

The Aloha Saver

The annual mean salary in Hawaii is about $45,500 in 2013; for that, we love good bargains! The fact of the matter is that we’re actually surprisingly very conservative with our money too. However, one problem with being conservative bargainers, is that we are also vulnerable when it comes down to hidden costs when we purchase something we feel/think is a great deal. Regardless if we want or need something, most of us will search for the best bargain possible on an item. With the advent of handy-dandy Internet enabled smartphones, we’re able to compare prices at the click of a button and Google Voice Search. We often look for the best deals available and wait until we’ve saved up our money before making that purchase.

As bargainers we tend to balance out our purchases too; if we were to spend $500 on a new tablet, we would make a decision on the spot that we would eat at home for a few months, rather than spending additional hard-earned money on eating out. Living in Hawaii, it is in our DNA to justify our large purchases by saving on minor purchases, for better or worse; its the reality living in paradise with the high cost of living.

The Free Lunch

There is an old saying, dating back to the 1930’s “There is no such thing as a Free lunch”; the idea that it is impossible to get something for nothing. The “free lunch” in the saying refers to the nineteenth-century practice in American bars of offering a “free lunch” in order to entice drinking customers. This matches up to that of the saying that you can get a free alarm system or some deal that appears to be a good bargain; this gets the alarm company in the door.

These so called “Free security alarm systems” are cleverly subsidized with high monthly monitoring fees that disguise the alarm company’s real intentions. These intentions are to finance the alarm equipment that is being installed (Return on Investment). Here is the breakdown: As an alarm technician, I remember when alarm monitoring used to cost roughly on an average of $20 per month?  Nothing has changed in the security alarm industry that justifies for higher monthly monitoring costs other than feature-sets (Cellular Monitoring, Smartphone access, Interactive Home Video Access, etc.); so where is the extra fifteen to thirty dollars going?  Well, unfortunately, it is funding the security equipment and installation, even long after it’s all been paid for.

Free Alarm - Free Lunch

The actual costs of a “free” System”

The total investment for an alarm company to provide a “Free” professionally installed alarm system will be on an average of $800.00
The average cost for alarm monitoring via telephone is $25.00
The monthly cost of the $800.00 system with installation spread over 36 months: $22.22
The investment on the equipment will bring up the cost to $44.22 of monitoring fees.

Installation and Equipment Costs $0.00
12 months of monthly Monitoring at $44.22 $530.64
3 years of monthly monitoring $1591.92
Total cost after 3 year monitoring term $1591.92

The actual costs of an Artelisys System

The total cost of an Artelisys system with installation starts at $499.99

It is HIGHLY recommended that you pay as much as you can upfront!
The total cost of monitoring per month via the telephone starts at $19.99
The investment on the equipment will bring up the cost to $0.00 of monitoring fees.

Installation and Equipment Costs $439.99
12 months of monthly Monitoring at $19.99 $239.88
3 years of monthly monitoring $719.64
Total cost after 3 year monitoring term $1159.63

This is a savings of $432.29 over a period of 3 years!

The fact of the matter is this; a Business is in Business to make money, not to give deals or bargains for the consumer so they have more money at the end of the month; however, there is a difference how a company makes money and what is in the best interest to the customer. With Artelisys, you’re not some number; we do not condone aggressive or tricky sales or marketing tactics. We do not have auto-renewing contracts; we will always request for authorization to continue your services. We do not have any hidden fees; what you see is what you get


Here is an example of a marketing scheme leading you to believe that you will get a free alarm system for $19.95 a month:

For most people, they will carefully read what they think is a bargain, but their brain only processes: “Free”, “$995 Value”, and $19.95/mo; however, we will also miss the fine detail or all contents of what is being described.

Do you need a new Security Alarm System? Call Today and receive a Free* Honeywell SecurityAlarm System ($995 Value).
Let XYZ123 Security protect what matters most to you and your family. At XYZ123 Security, we want you to sleep soundly knowing that your home, family or business are safe and secure. Just contact one of our security alarm consultants today and ask us about our FREE in-home security evaluation. We’ll customize a system to fit your home and lifestyle. With home protection solutions starting at $19.95/mo, there’s a perfect security plan waiting for you.


*Some restrictions apply. Telephone activation fee may apply. Free system requires central station monitoring agreement of $49.99/mo. Additional parts and equipment are available at an additional charge. Cellular monitoring is available with all systems installed by XYZ123 Security.

The return on investment for $995.00 for 3 years is about $27.63 a month; this cost will be added to the $19.95 a month base monitoring package. This ultimately drives up the month monitoring to about $47.58 a month; however, take notice of the restrictions that apply on the “Free” System”; “Free system requires central station monitoring agreement of $49.99/mo”. This equates to about $1,799.64 being paid at the end of 3 years.

Think twice before you start clicking away and adding items to your online shopping cart; we highly recommend that you read ALL of the fine details on what it is that you are purchasing. Take your time, ask questions, and consult on a second opinion. Did you know what Artelisys offers second opinion advice; contact us today and let us know what concerns you have and how we can help you get the security alarm system that you need.