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Protect Your Valuables from Theft with a device about the size of a half dollar coin.

As you may know, security systems are effective in preventing the loss of life and property. What you may not know is that there is movement based theft prevention sensor technology available that can secure your
home and/or business. Theft prevention is a way to protect your personal and/or business assets when you are least expecting a theft to occur; when the alarm system is disarmed. Theft is different from burglary because it occurs without an actual break-in to your premise in where the thief has a right to be on premises (e.g. Guests, Contractors,
Housekeepers, etc.)

Powered by a single 3 volt lithium battery that lasts up to three years, the wireless sensor that we utilize for asset protection easily affixes to any valuable requiring protection with a home or business. The sensor uses a patented micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) accelerometer technology. In laymen terms, if the device moves up, down, or sideways or if the travel time is between 5-8 seconds the device will trigger an alarm.

Our asset protection solution is designed to protect Gun cases, Paintings, sculptures, Jewelry Boxes, Safes, Large screen Flat TVs, Antique collectables, medical equipment, tools, building materials, computers, printers, copiers,and cash boxes.

Theft Prevention Sensors are an excellent complement to your new or existing security system—protecting your valuables and providing you with a higher level of awareness and the peace of mind you deserve. Make the smart move and ask Artelisys
for details today!

Theft SensorTheft Sensor


Asset Protection Solutions are designed to protect:

  • Cash Boxes/Jewelry Boxes
  • Gun cases
  • Paintings and/or Sculptures
  • Safes
  • Large screen Flat TVs
  • Antique collectables
  • medical equipment
  • tools
  • building materials
  • computers, printers, copiers
Cash Box
Cash Box



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