Limited Binding Contracts

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The Bad!

A good portion of the alarm companies that exist in Hawaii and other companies in the mainland require the customer to sign a multiyear fine print contract for their equipment and services. Companies likeAPN [Advanced Protection Network], Alert Alarm, Aloha Alarm, Cam Security, DAT [Digital Alarm Technology]) all require contracts, usually 2 to 3 years long and as long as 5 years. Full long-term binding contracts are detrimental to the customer as it locks them into paying for a service even if they are unhappy. Contracts only benefit the company, never the customer.

I am not leading to that a customer can’t get out of a contract, but in almost all cases, there is a financial burden to do so. Most contracts have out clauses, in that the fine print allows a customer that is unhappy thtat they free to get out of that contract if they can pay a certain amount to get out of the contract. Basically, in the end, they are holding you hostage until the term of the contract has ended. With some companies it’s a percentage of the total amount due, others require the full amount to be paid. Check your contract to see if there is an out clause.

Furthermore, virtually all alarm company monitoring contracts are transferable; meaning that another company can take over the remaining portion of your contract. Unfortunately, there is a cost to transfer those services; again, it typically is associated to high costs and taking hostage of the alarm equipment. Most alarm companies will disable the equipment that you purchased so the alarm company that is taking over the monitoring will not be able to use your alarm panel and communication equipment. This is a way to get back at the customer for leaving them for another alarm company; if you purchased this equipment, it is your equipment! Do not let another alarm company take hostage of your equipment. There is no such thing as “Proprietary Information” contain in the equipment; all alarm companies should have a deprovisioning process that when a customer cancels services, the company should remotely connect to the alarm equipment and remove ALL proprietary information (primarily installer and dealer codes). If you should find yourself in this predicament, contact your local Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and file a complaint that your previous alarm company is holding your equipment hostage. You will find that in the end, those issues will more than likely be resolved; be advised, it will take a bit of time to resolve the issue as there will be an investigation on the complaint.


The Good!

Artelisys is going to change the alarm industry! It is not about competition anymore; it is about doing what is right. If a company is NOT doing their job, the customer should have the freedom to choose a company that can meet the customer’s requirements and needs. Don’t get me wrong; there are situations that a full term contract is required; however, the point I am making that the financial obligation should not be to the point there are no options for the customer. As an example, a salesperson sold an alarm system based on a promotion; the deal is a $0.00 down alarm system with a monthly fee of $49.99 a month for 60 months. The alarm system is NOT free; the alarm company has to recoup the costs of the provided alarm equipment. All the alarm company did was roll the equipment costs into the normal base price of their alarm monitoring fee; in most cases, the average cost of alarm monitoring is around $35.00 a month. If the different equated to ~$15.00, then the financial burden to get out of the contract would be well over $2000.00 plus any percentages on the base monitoring price. Artelisys has a “Limited Binding Contract”; in that, if we are not doing our job, you are free to get out of the contract. Basically, we rip up the contract so that it becomes Null and Void with no financial obligation (If you paid for all your equipment).

Furthermore, if during your contract, you were quoted a price that is lower than your current monthly price with the same equipment and monitoring services and we are unable to match that price, we will RIP up the contract so that it becomes NULL and VOID, giving your the freedom, without any further financial obligations to choose a company that meets your financial requirements. Basically, if we are unable to make you happy, you should have the freedom to choose a company that you are happy with!


Social Media is Your Voice!

Lastly, there is always a way out of your contract. If you’re unhappy, let the world know. Go on social media and be loud about you being unhappy. Post on the company’s Facebook page. Go on Twitter and voice your displeasure. The louder you are, the more chance there is the alarm company forcing you to continue with your contract that you’re unhappy with will let you out of your contract. Be vocal and get noticed and there’s a good chance you’ll get freed from that contract paying a total of $600.00 or more.