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Easily give your customers high-speed, high-quality Wireless Internet hotspot Wi-Fi access and promote your brand with an Artelisys Wireless Internet hotspot Wi-Fi solutions. Our captive portal feature allows you to provide your customers and employees a company-branded, commercial-grade wireless Internet hotspot Wi-Fi — simply, without the administrative hassles, weak signals, poor security, and other problems that come along with consumer-level wireless equipment. We can design, configure, install, and Integrate a wifi hotspot solution for your business.

We also have low-cost and affordable hotspot and wireless solutions for residential customers; need solid, strong wifi access in your backyard, cottage, beach, pool area, neighborhood wifi, we have solutions available. We will match any price on the island, that is a promise.

Artelisys Wi-Fi hotspots with company-branded captive portals are reliable, fast, and simple to manage. We can provided managed hotspot services for all your locations. The solution is easy to customize with your own splash screen and terms and conditions page. Artelisys Wireless Wi-Fi hotspots can monitor device performance and guest usage from a single screen.

You can create multiple wireless networks (SSIDs) for secure internal and customer use in just a matter of minutes. You also have the ability to modify splash screens and other branding options with a few clicks of the mouse. What used to require programming, juggling lots of complex devices, and professional tech support becomes plug-and-play with our solution.

Wireless WIFI Hotspot

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Hotels, cafe’s. restaurants, businesses, and bars are faced with an increasing demand for a guest and visitor connectivity to the Internet; guest rooms, restaurants, lobbies, outdoor areas. Having the ability to offer an Internet access service will give you the opportunity to increase your revenues by offering FREE, paid, or both Internet access.

advertising logo

Advertise – Brand your product with your own Wi-Fi splash page. customers are redirected automatically to your hotspot splash Page.

Facebook WIFI likes

Facebook – You can Promote your own Facebook Page, get new “LIKEs” and social recommendations from your customers.

Wifi hotspot voucher access

Vouchers – Use Vouchers to Limit guest Access. You can distribute vouchers to limit the access to the internet.

WiFi Internet Hotspot Features

You can customize which fields on your splash page login form you require from your customers. You can request email, phone number, and other personal data. Customize the login splash page with your company branding and logo for a more professional look and feel. You can manage all of your Hotspot locations from one management application from the cloud. This allows you to simplify overall management of your wireless WiFi hotspot system. You can also authorize your customers via their mobile phone; collect phone numbers for advertising or legal purposes (you can track people in case of illegal activities in your hotspot).

Increase your customer-base and revenue by offering FREE access, paid or both:

  • You can offer a WiFi Hotspot connectivity.
  • Secure future revenue for your business by charging for access.
  • Increase your online social company profile and win new customers.
  • Provide an invaluable service to your customers.

Connected Hotel and Hospitality

Artelisys Connected Hotel and Hospitality solutions deliver sophisticated Internet access services that separate your business and create a personalized, secure, and deidcated experience for each guest. This comprehensive suite of solutions helps hotel owners and operators:

  • Support the newest mobiles solutions and wireless services.
  • Improve operational efficiency by reducing expenses, such as energy costs.
  • Generate new revenue streams through WiFi technologies.

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