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Artelisys Wireless Point to Point Fiber Ethernet Solutions

Artelisys provides cost-effective wireless fiber point-to-point bridging solutions for business-class customers. Our innovative ideas and solutions utilizing wireless technologies provide reliable, secure, cost-effective connectivity that is easy to deploy and built to last. Point-To-Point Back-haul solutions provide proven reliability and performance, even in the most demanding environment.

Artelisys can offer 1.5Gbps of bandwidth utilizing wireless fiber Ethernet point-to-point microwave equipment; the technology uses a wide range of Point-to-Point wireless solutions. Our wireless communication solutions are designed, installed and configured to last. In addition, the wireless fiber Ethernet equipment that we can provide are licensed, unlicensed, and defined-use frequency bands. Based on breakthrough Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technology, Artelisys’ wireless fiber Ethernet solutions deliver exceptional near-Line-of-Sight (nLOS) and Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) coverage in locations where foliage, tall buildings, or other obstructions limit wireless broadband access.

Our wireless fiber Ethernet bridged solutions are designed for 99.99% reliability and provides solid performance in difficult weather conditions and challenging terrain. Our wireless fiber Ethernet networks deliver the speeds to support today’s in-demand bandwidth-intensive solutions, including high-speed residential and business access, streaming video and VoIP.

Artelisys Wireless Fiber Ethernet Solutions

Point to Point Core Networks
Fiberless Core
By Artelisys |
May 1st
Wireless Fiber core network backbones can be instantly and cost-effectively deployed anywhere, bringing Internet connectivity into the remote locations.


1Gbps Wireless Ethernet
Fast, Reliable, Dedicated!
With up to 1.4Gbps+ data throughput and up to an 8 mile range, our wireless connectivity provides a breakthrough in wireless backhaul performance where you have no fiber available.


Low Latency Performance
HDD provides the best of both worlds; latency performance of Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) with the spectral efficiency of Time Division Duplex (TDD).